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A library of soap making books offering instructions, recipes, formulary, packaging ideas and resources for soap makers, crafters and enthusiasts. Popular and informative titles from some well known authors and soap makers provide information and instructions for making cold processed soaps, liquid and transparent soap, rebatched and melt and pour soaps. Click on any soap making book title or image for more information from the authors or - many titles are offered at up to 30% off of the list price. All links open in a new window for your convenience.

Cold Process and General Soap Making

Discover the wonderful and rewarding art of soap making! Learn the techniques of this time honored craft from some of today's most respected soap makers as they share their advise and proven recipes. Learn about the beneficial properties of base oils, essential oils and herbs.

Soap Naturally$26.00
Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural handmade soap.
by Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello

An essential reference book for soap and toiletries makers of all levels. Learn how to make your very own beautiful and unique natural soaps and skin care delicacies.
The Soapmaker's CompanionAverage customer review is 4.0 out of 5 stars$12.89
A Comprehensive Guide With Recipes, Techniques & Know How
by Susan Miller Cavitch

Provides instructions and recipes for making various kinds of soap including stained-glass, layered, Laundry and liquid soaps.
The Natural Soap BookAverage customer review is 3.7 out of 5 stars$10.17
Making Herbal and Vegetable Based Soaps
by Susan Miller Cavitch

Focuses on making one's own nutrient-rich soaps, scented with natural oils and using only herbal and vegetable dyes.
Milk-Based SoapsAverage customer review is 3.6 out of 5 stars$10.36
Making Natural, Skin Nourishing Soap
by Casey Makela

Includes instructions and recipes for creating different types of soaps including vegetable-based soaps, beauty and specialty soaps.
Essentially SoapAverage customer review 3.9 out of 5 stars$11.88
by Dr. Robert S. McDaniel

No longer satisfied with mass-produced soaps? The author shows how to create special soaps with the right scent, emollients and appearance.
Soapmaking for Fun and ProfitAverage customer review 4.1 out of 5 stars$13.59
Make Money Doing What You Love
by Maria Nerius

Discover how to profit from your craft.
The Handmade Soap BookAverage customer review 4.0 out of 5 stars$17.99
by Melinda Coss

Gathers recipes for making soaps with fruit, flowers, herbs, honey, glycerine, coconut, essential oils and dairy products. Easily craft a wide variety of unique bath products.
Making Scented SoapAverage customer review 5 out of 5 stars$35.33
by Linda Hamblen

Offers more than 60 recipes arranged by scent and instructions on how to use a variety of shapes and textures to create bath bars, bombes, scrubs, shaving soaps, shower gels and fizzes.
Natural SoapmakingAverage customer review 4 out of 5 stars$10.17
by Marie Browning

Contains 20 recipes for making your own soaps using essential oils, herbs and flowers. Start with a basic bar of white soap or learn how to make a bar from scratch.
The Complete SoapmakerAverage customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars$11.96
Tips, Techniques & Recipes For Luxurious Handmade Soaps
by Norma Coney

A guide to making lye soaps with animal and vegetable fats, hand-milled and specialty soaps using almond meal, chamomile, glycerin and milk, shampoos and liquid soaps.
The Soap BookAverage customer review 4 out of 5 stars$10.36
by Sandy Maine

This best selling soap book has 30 wonderful recipes for hand crafted herbal, aromatherapy and floral soaps.
Soothing SoapsAverage customer review 3 out of 5 stars$11.65
For Healthy Skin
by Sandy Maine

Offers instructions for making homemade soap with healing herbs and flowers, includes recipes for goldenseal soap, jewelweed soap, witch hazel soap, lavender and rosemary soap, oat and barly soap, and sunflower soap.
Creating an Herbal Body Care BusinessAverage customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars$11.53
Making a Living Naturally Series
by Sandy Maine

Provides tips on building a successful company in enterprises such as aromatherapy, massage, and natural skincare.
Clean, NaturallyAverage customer review 3 out of 5 stars$6.91
Recipes for Body, Home and Spirit
by Sandy Maine

Guide to home and personal care embracing the cleaning ritual as a necessary part of daily life and offers tips on how to make it remarkably stress-free and even enjoyable.
Soapmaking for the First TimeAverage customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars $13.97
by Linda Orton

Newcomers to this surprisingly versatile craft will find all the recipes for success and more, and experienced soap makers are bound to discover some interesting new ideas.
Soapmaking: A Magickal GuideAverage customer review 4 out of 5 stars$12.47
by Alicia Grosso

Using vegetable oils, herbs, essential oils, and common kitchen equipment, this book will guide you through all-natural recipes for luxurious, gentle, beautiful, and magickal soaps and how to infuse your handmade soaps with wishes, prayers, dreams, and magick.
The Everything Soapmaking BookAverage customer review 5 out of 5 stars$10.17
Simple Instructions for Creating Fragrant and Decorative Soaps
by Alicia Grosso

Well written and easy to follow, Alicia Grosso offers suggestions for making all kinds of soaps in her second offering.
Hand Crafted SoapAverage customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars $14.94
by Delores Boone

Making beautiful decorative soap is easy and fun with this 28-project, step-by-step guide. Within a couple of hours, crafters will have a range of unique, sanitary soaps that are ready to use or wrap as gifts.

Transparent Soap Making

Discover transparent soap making! Learn the techniques to make see through soap.

Making Transparent Soap Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars$11.21
The Art of Crafting, Molding, Scenting & Coloring
by Catherine Failor

Step-by-step photographs offer a full exploration of this special technique, ingredients, and the basics for making transparent bars. Includes recipes and tips for creating unique and beautiful soap masterpieces.
Transparent Soapmaking Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars$9.94
A Complete Guide to making See-Through Soap
by Catherine Failor

New copies temporarily out of stock. Used copies available starting at just $3.70

Liquid Soap Making

Learn how to make liquid soaps including shampoos, herbal gels and moisturizing hand soaps.

Making Natural Liquid Soaps Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars$10.17
Herbal Gels / Conditioning Shampoos / Mousturizing Hand Soaps
by Catherine Failor

Offers a guide to the basic techniques, materials and equipment for liquid soap making.

Melt and Pour Soap Crafting

Soap crafting is fun and easy using ready made melt and pour soap base! There's no caustic chemicals or formulas to worry about. Learn the secrets to easily make layered, embedded or embossed soaps that are popular in the malls, boutiques and online. Find out how to use essential oils, herbs and natural dyes.

Melt & Pour Soapmaking Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars$ 9.99
by Marie Browning

Extremely thorough. Features dozens of luscious soap projects, with directions explicit enough for the novice and ideas sophisticated enough for the practiced soap maker.
300 Handcrafted Soaps Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars$10.17
Great Melt & Pour Projects
by Marie Browning

A continuation of the projects found in Browning's Melt & Pour Soapmaking. Emphasis on soaps made with essential oils, botanicals, spices and chocolate.
Designer Soapmaking $19.99
by Marie Browning

Make an assortment of colorful, fragrant soaps right at home with simple and fun melt-and-pour soap bases, plus easily purchased molds, tools, essential oils, and natural dyes. Creative techniques for wrapping and displaying the soaps, plus numerous photographs, instructions, recipes, and patterns.
Melt & Mold Soap CraftingAverage customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars$10.17
by C. Kaila Westerman

Melt-and-mold master C. Kaila Westerman shares her recipes for fabulous fun creations, such as Stained Glass Soap, Cat's Eyes, Flower Images, Sunrise Soap, Layer Cake Soap, Quilters Soap, Gemstones, and many more.
The Art of Making Melt and Pour Soaps Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars$19.95
by Deborah R. Dolen

No longer do you need to "wish" you could afford quality products when you can make your own in minutes. Best of all making your own melt and pour soap is fun and very easy to clean up!

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