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Soap makers glossary of terms, definitions and acronyms.

A collection of terms, definitions and acronyms related to the art of soap making.


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Hand Milled Soap
Soap fashioned through rebatching cold processed soap.

Handcrafted Soap
Soap crafted from a ready made soap base using the melt and pour process. Also used to refer to handmade soap.

Handmade Soap
Soap fashioned by combining a base oil with an alkali using a variety of traditional methods including hot and cold processing.

Hemp Seed Oil
Obtained from viable or sterilized seeds, hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the skin. Contributes moisturizing properties to soaps and cosmetics.

An aromatic plant used in medicine or as a seasoning that does not produce woody tissue and usually dies back at the end of the growing season.

Hot Process
A method of soap making utilizing an external heat source to accelerate the saponification process, such as a crock pot, double boiler or oven.

A substance that attracts and holds moisture unto itself, such as glycerin.

A chemical process of converting a vegetable oil from a liquid into a solid using hydrogen.

See hydrosol.

The condensate water produced during steam distillation of botanical bases when making essential oils. Used in skin care preparations and bath products. Also known as hydrolat or floral water.

Unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

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