Handmade Bath Salts

Our handmade bath salts begin with Hawaiian sea salt from Kauai's west side. Kauai's ali'i (royalty) were well aware of the qualities of the west side's salt ponds, and so are we. Our bath salts are a combined fine and medium grain to dissolve thoroughly and quickly. Evaporated sea salts are high in natural mineral content, and are great for softening your skin. Enjoy one of our exotic and relaxing blends. Your skin will love you for it!

Green Tea & Tangerine
Green tea, tangerine essential oil , hibiscus petals and calendula flowers are combined for a mind clearing and soul soothing experience you're sure to enjoy! $6.75 for a 6oz. jar.
We have found one of the finest French lavender essential oils and blended it with organic lavender flowers and rose petals. A mind relaxing and skin softening treat! $6.75 for a 6oz. jar.
Pua keni'keni
Traditionally used in leis for your most cherished guests, pua keni'keni is a sweet tropical fragrance. We have captured this island essence in our bath salts. Treat yourself to a tropical delight! $6.75 for a 6oz. jar.

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