Handmade Soaps

Our all natural handmade soaps are created from pure olive, coconut and palm oils blended for a wonderfully smooth and creamy bar of soap. We use only high quality essential and natural botanical fragrance oils to softly scent our soap, and then add our botanicals and spices. Each bar of soap is hand cut, racked and allowed to cure in the warm tropical breezes here on Kauai. Treat yourself to a truly exotic experience with our handmade soaps!

We have blended cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, juniper berry and sweet orange essential oils to create a warm and sensual soap to stir your senses. Ground cinnamon is swirled across the top of each bar for your delight! $4.00 a bar.
We have found the finest French lavender essential oil to use in our version of this all time favorite soap. Combined with whole and ground organic lavender flowers, your skin will absolutely love this one! $4.00 a bar.
This uplifting and refreshing soap combines the pure essential oil of lemongrass and organic lemongrass leaves grown here on Kauai. Naturally light yellow in color, this local favorite is sure to become one of yours too! $4.00 a bar.
We mixed ground whole organic oats with cinnamon for an exfoliating treat that your skin will adore. Scented with natural orange oil and a touch of cinnamon leaf essential oil. Invigorating and stimulating! $4.00 a bar.
Pure essential oil of peppermint from the Pacific Northwest gives this soap a wonderfully cool and tingly feel. A great way to refresh yourself. We really like this one after a long hot tropical day! $4.00 a bar
Hawaiian pikake is a sensual floral essence known around the world. We have found a natural botanical oil with a fragrance that will remind you of a moonlit night in one of our tropical gardens! $4.00 a bar.

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