Aromatherapy - (a·ro·ma·ther·a·py) noun. The use of fragrance or essences from plants to alter a person's mental or emotional well being. Normally associated with alternative medicine or healing.


Aroma Products - Aromatherapy products - candles, essential oils, incense, and Feng Shui to provide stress relief, relaxation & balance to your life.

Aroma Pure - Offers a wide selection of therapeutic essential oils, carrier oils, essential synergy blends, aromatherapy books, aromatherapy diffusers, and information on aromatherapy and essential oils.

Aromatics & More - New Zealand supplier of essential oils and cosmetic ingredients: extensive recipe formulary for creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps... and a lot more!

Green Valley Aromatherapy - Your one stop shop for aromatherapy supplies including essential oils, bases, carrier oils, bottles, creams, diffusers, books and more.

Really - UK store offering products designed to Relax your Mind, Body and Soul. Products include aromatherapy products, essential oils, massage, oil burners, home fragrances, incense, candles and more.

Scent by Nature - Top quality essential oil aromatherapy products and natural herbal items for modern living. All items animal friendly and environmentally conscious. The best is Scent by Nature!


Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists - A federally charted International Professional Association for Aromatherapists.

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - NAHA is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing public awareness of the benefits of true aromatherapy.

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