Looking for soy and beeswax candles, candle making supplies, candle holders, luminaries, product reviews or information? We've found some unique candle sites that offer hand crafted candles, accessories, supplies to make your own candles, candle comparisons, general candle safety and cool burning tips.

Amy Lynn's Candles - One candle from Amy Lynn's is enough to leave a lasting impression.

Bear Creek Candle Company - Offers handcrafted pure beeswax candles made with unrefined beeswax, aromatherapy grade essential oils and 100% cotton wicks. Beeswax aromatherapy votives, hand-dipped tapers and hand-rolled candles.

Candle-licious - Handcrafted triple scented candles. Highly scented jar candles, votives, tea lights, and wax melts plus glass candle holders, candle accessories and tart burners.

Candle Supplies - We make scented faux food handmade bakery, creates logs, cakes, cookie tarts, made from our paraffin wax (blended right here in Ohio), scents, and instructions.

Contemporary Candles - Custom scented candles for every occasion! Our triple-scented, hand-poured candles include unique crystal wax melts, wedding/party favors, glow cubes, votives, food and novelty candles.

Country Cat Candles - Hand poured scented candles. Wholesale, retail, fundraising and direct sales.

EcoLight Candles - Hand-poured soy candles scented with essential oils to fill your home with fragrance. Wonderful aromatherapy! GoTexan product. Retail, wholesale, and fundraising offered. Secure shopping cart.

Madison Avenue Soy Candle Co. - Soy Candles - Soot free and drenched in natural fragrance oils. Soy candles are environmentally safe and fueled by US farmers. Wholesale, retail and private labeling available.

North West Candle Supply - We offer a wide assortment of only the highest quality candles and accessories. Our decorative and functional candles will provide hours of soothing fragrance and calming light.

Peak Candle Making Supplies - Offers candle making supplies including candle wax, molds, wicks, fragrance oils, additives and other supplies for making candles.

Pebble Creek Candles - Looking for jelly candles, car crocks, and other scented gifts? Try this Cheswick, Pennsylvania-based shop. Handcrafted candles and air fresheners, check out their specials!

Saddle Creek Candles - Highly scented, hand-poured candles with over 100 scents to choose from. Each candle is hand made, one at a time - the old fashioned way! Visit us today!

Strega Moon Candle Company - Hand crafted quality palm wax, soy and container candles at affordable prices.

WicksWorks - WicksWorks offers a broad selection of distinctive soy, beeswax, gel, paraffin and aromatherapy candles as well as a sampling of European design oil lamps.

Willow Creek Company - The finest available in soy today. When quality is what you want, Willow Creek Company provides you with strong, clean and consistent candles for your home or gift giving.


International Guild of Candle Artisans - A non-profit organization encouraging the cooperation, goodwill, fellowship and exchange of educational ideas to raise and maintain the standards of candle making.

National Candle Association - Represents US candle manufacturers and their suppliers to help promote a healthy environment for the industry.

Candle Burning Tips
Be sure to remove all packaging material from candle before burning.
Keep candle wick trimmed to 1/4" (6mm).
Burn candles in a suitable container, on a heat resistant surface.
Remove any match or wick fragments from wax pool.
Do not allow a candle to continue burning if the flame becomes enlarged.
Do not burn candles longer than manufacturer recommends.
Keep burning candles away from any flammable material.
Do not burn candles completely.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.
Snuff candles instead of blowing when extinguishing to avoid splattering hot wax.

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